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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Name:   Nor'Afifah Binti Mohd Latib

I/D:        62283212090

Course: BBA (ME)

Class:     ME 42

Q: Define Business Ethics.

A: The study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities. Business ethics are often guided by law, while other times provide a basic framework that businesses may choose to follow in order to gain public acceptance.

Q: Why Business Ethics is considered "Oxymoron"?

A: The bringing together of two apparently contradictory concepts, such as in 'a cheerful pessimist' or 'a deafening silence'. There are not, or cannot be, ethics in business: that business is in some way unethical.

Q: Define Corporate Governance

A: The framework of rules and practices by which a board of directors ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in a company's relationship with its all stakeholders such as financiers, customers, management, employees, government and the community. 

Q: Market an Ethical Product or Service.


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